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What is disability sport

Who can join

In this group, all disabled people to participate, which can move without help from another person on.

Further information can be obtained from our Board. .

The objectives to be achieved

The disabled sports community Sprendlingen has set a goal and has the purpose of the various kinds of sports as a means of rehabilitation use and participation in sport to achieve and ensure the rehabilitation to allow every disabled.

Disabled Sports will take place on different levels: as power, with and sports rehabilitation. Disabled sport is also accessible outpatient rehabilitation, which requires the active participation of disabled people.

The varied forms and degrees of disabilities make a nuanced view of the sporting activities are needed. Disability Sport therefore includes the full range of movement, games and sports, which represent the content in an updated form.

The implementation of the Disability Sports therefore requires a special knowledge of the disability of the athletes. Disabled sport is when he is taken under medical supervision or monitoring, be prescribed as a complementary measure to Rehabilitaion and is funded by health insurance.

The objectives of disabled sports are:

- The maintenance and enhancement of the remaining physical and mental performance
- The activation of the initiative
- Overcoming inhibitions and barriers
- The establishment and strengthening of internal stability, identity and self-confidence
- The taking of a solid and respected place in society, and
- The claim in competition with non-disabled.

Regular participation in sports for the disabled is used, limitations, faults and damage should reduce physical, mental and social functioning and prevent deterioration. It promotes mobility, contribute to the independence, helps to reduce inhibitions and offers the possibility of making contacts and build friendships.

Thus, disability sport - depending on individual needs and interests - be more than motor support and physical training: he serves the social integration with the positive effects on mental health (an increase of well-being, self-esteem and social interaction skills.

No matter what kind of individuals the subject at the Disabled Sports teizunehmen whether he wants to improve his physical performance, and performance sport driving, whether physical activity on functional aspects in the foreground or vewhinderten just the fun of exercise, games and sports, the movement with others and not disabled people: Everyone finds the offer of the disability sports community Sprendlingen and its cycling division the opportunity to realize his ideals, and even with some quality of life (back) to win.

Of disability sport is divided into 3 areas

1. Grassroots

Definition of recreational sports, according to position paper of the DBS

The popular sports of disabled people is fundamentally different not from grassroots non-disabled people. Sports for the disabled shall also be applied to regular medical care, strengthening and maintenance of remaining capacity, relief of family care responsibilities include

The focus of grassroots sport is fun to exercise, games and sports in the context of the social components offered by the associations. Offers to sports and disciplines at grassroots disabled people needs to be tailored to the disorder.

This benchmarking is certainly included. They are executed in the form of recreational sport tournaments, games and sporting events. Here, however, is not the absolute peak power in the foreground, but rather the cooperation, the joint meeting and sports.

The qualified support of the groups by trained coaches and instructors in the social environment of the club ensures that the popular sports of disabled a further stage in rehabilitation, particularly in the social integration of disabled people. Popular sport and thus makes a significant contribution to health promotion.

Research areas

1. German Sports Badge for people with disabilities

Similar to the German Sports Badge of DBS has developed conditions for the German Sports Badge for people with disabilities. The conditions are summarized in an A5 ring binder to over 200 pages, with particular distinction to account for the different types of disabilities the large scale.

2. Seniors Sport

In the field of DBS depends senior sports for over 30 years every 2 years from the Federal Senior Sports Festival, log on to an average of about 750 participants. In this case, the participants spend a full week at the venue every day and can use a different offer, which both sporting and cultural character.

2. Reha-Sport

Sport for rehabilitation is:

- Allergy / Asthma
- Blind / Visually Impaired
- CP '(CP) and minimal cerebral dysfunction
- Diabetics
- Diseased vessel, arterial occlusive disease
- Deaf
- Mentally Disabled
- Heart Sick
- Disabled
- Cancer sufferers
- Ankylosing spondylitis sufferers
- Multiple Sclerosis sufferers
- Kidney sufferers
- Osteoporosis sufferers
- Parkinson's sufferers
- Mentally-ill
- Paraplegia, spina bifida-paralyzed
- Paralytic polio
- RRheumatism sufferers
- Addiction sufferers
- Spine sufferers

3. Competitive Sports


In recent years there has been rapid development of sports within the German Disabled Sports, where a. Sports Politically considered, sports, the German Disabled Sports Association of the importance of strengthened. For several years, forming their own sports divisions of the German Disabled Sports Association.