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Water aerobics / swimming

Not without reason is swimming to the major sporting activities both in the rehabilitation of sport as popular and competitive sports. For almost all forms and degrees of severity of disability is swimming in the water or stay in motion and play an outstanding athletic activity.

From a medical point of view of time in the water is just so valuable, because be relieved by the buoyancy of the body's joints and spine and can regenerate. An endurance training in water is possible without the danger of overloading the musculoskeletal system. Alone by the resistance of the water, the force is trained. Water aerobics is popular with all age groups and is by far the most popular activity for disabled people in sports.

This is in addition to the swim another important meaning: it is the key to other water sports, and it must assume for obvious reasons, a safe swimming.

The water aerobics in the pool is in Dreieich - Sprendlingen performed.

Date: Every Thursday during the period from 19:00 bis 20:00 clock.

Contact and Instructor is Mr. Thomas Köpp

E-Mail  Thomas Köpp